What is (the) time? is a collaborative mail art project by Paula Morison, exploring time in relation to how we communicate. Since February 2021, Morison has been sending letters to people – friends, family, academics, artists, and more besides – to ask what the time is. The responses have taken a range of forms: concise and literal, philosophical, artistic, and lost-in-the-post. You can see an archive of the correspondence on this site, ordered by the time the first letter was sent to each participant.

What is (the) time? was commissioned by Radar, Loughborough University and EOP (Extra-Ordinary People), Eastside Projects, Birmingham as a response to Loughborough University’s Institute of Advanced Studies’ year-long programme about Time. 

Names of correspondents (listed alphabetically):

Chris Alton

Miriam Ashon

Will Ashon

Leila Baker

Stan and Prue Baker

Uta Baldauf

Beatrice Banks

Desmond Banks

Eddie Barbour

David Bell

Emma Brown

Mary Burke

Martin John Callanan

Niamh Carew

Dr Ksenia Chmutina

Sergio Colado

Louise Collins

Amy Conti

Fraser Crichton

Erin Donnelly

Laura Evans

Simon Faithfull

Natasha Freeman

Thomas Goddard

Joy Gregory

Katie Haines

Rosie Hart

Meave Haughey

Amelia Hawk

FC Izaac

Cecile Johnson Soliz

Martha Jordan

Seungwon Jung

Professor Peter Kawalek

Roshanak (Roshi) Khakban

Jago Khan

Maude Khan

Anne-Liis Kogan

Jasmine Shigemura Lee

Andrea Maffioli

Dr Arianna Maiorani

Jess Mathews

Professor Marsha Meskimmon

Nic Meyer

Priyesh Mistry

Christina Shelagh Mongelli

Heather Morison

Sue Morison

Tony Morison

Annie Morris

Ailbhe Murphy

Kirsty Ogg

Maréga Palser

The Pearce White Family

Monica Perez Vega

Jo Pester

Jason Pinder

Emma Plover

Robyn Rees

Anna and Vitus Reisenbichler

resting up collective

Joe Richardson

Jacob Rosamond

Sarah Sawyer

Shamita Sharmacharja

Shenel Shefik

Jessica Slater

Julie Smith

Susan Stockwell

Professor Meghan Sullivan

Evan Thomas

Gavin Wade

Professor Claire Warwick

Emmy Webster

Yuki Yamamoto

Anam Zafar

Plus others who preferred their correspondence to remain private or whose letters were lost in the post…

Special thanks to Amelia Hawk and David Bell for all their support during this project and to Annabelle Loveday for building this website.

If you have any questions about the project, you can contact the artist via www.paulamorison.com